More than 80% of Hindu temple funds used to fund non-hindus, a day night robbery

The hundu temples have been taken over by government , you can see a board saying if you drop your offerings with priest it will go to priest’s bank account and indirectly saying whatever you offer and drop in hundi(place to drop offerings) it will go to government and be used for development of temples.

according to hindu population there are about 40 lacs small and big temples, 99% of them are built centuries ago by hindu kings ,there is no great example of a temple being built and nurtured by muslim or Britishers during those 800 plus 200 years of rule.than how come the government has authority over the temples which ar epurely built by hindu kings

Forget about muslim kings the congress government had introduced hindu religion and charitable endowment act in 1951, this is culmination of religious endowment act and charitable endowment act in 1863 and 1890 respectively by british it is shame that congress added word hindu to the act from Britishers to specifically target Hindus.according to the new rule by congress every state can take over the temple management in their states. manage funds etcc.

Andhra pradesh took around 34000 temples under its control,karnataka,maharashtra,odissa,tamilnadu all started taking control of hindu temples and there started a looting corruption in large scale, to give you an example tirupati temple in andhra has annual income of 3,500 cr ,by the time you put a round around the temple ,two vehicles from banks would have cleared the money collected .you will be shocked to know that only 7% of this income comes back to temple for its maintance.yes only 7%.

YSR reddy a christian chief minister had even passed order to handover 5 hills out of 7 hills in tirumala tirupati to church and 82% of the funds from hindu temples ar ebeing used to fund non-hindu initiatives.
scene is no different in tamila nadu where in 4.7 lac acress of agriculture land belonging to temple authority is with tamil nadu government and 2.6 cr sq foot of buildings and 29 cr sq foot of temple complex with TN government and to everyone’s surprise they are showing only 36 cr income from these properties and we foolish hindus should believe that.

It would seem that in Karnataka, Rs. 79 crores were collected from about two lakh temples and from that, temples received Rs seven crores for their maintenance, Muslim madrassahs and Haj subsidy were given Rs 59 crore and churches about Rs 13 crore.

Because of this, 25 per cent of the two lakh temples or about 50,000 temples in Karnataka will be closed down for lack of resources, The only way the government can continue to do this is with the indifference and tolerance of the Hindus.

in Kerala where, he says, funds from the Guruvayur Temple are diverted to other government projects denying improvement to 45 Hindu temples. Land belonging to the Ayyappa Temple, apparently has been grabbed and Church encroaches are occupying huge areas of forest land, running into thousands of acres, near Sabarimala.

A charge is made that the Communist state government of Kerala. wants to pass an Ordinance to disband the Travancore & Cochin Autonomous Devaswom Boards (TCDBs) and take over their limited independent authority of 1,800 Hindu temples. If what the author says is true, even the Maharashtra Government wants to take over some 450,000 temples in the state which would supply a huge amount of revenue to correct the states bankrupt conditions

nowhere in the free, democratic world are the religious institutions managed, maligned and controlled by the government, thus denying the religious freedom of the people of the country. But it is happening in India. Government officials have taken control of Hindu temples because they smell money in them, they recognise the indifference of Hindus, they are aware of the unlimited patience and tolerance of Hindus