Arnab comes down heavily on prestitutes like Rajdeep barkha who have refused to call wani a terrorist

Arnab came down heavily on pseudo liberals who have sided with a dreaded terrorist from kashmir and making him a hero ,while Indian army fighting the terrorists day and night.

He says “Today the self-proclaimed pseudo liberals, the same who speak of injustice to Afzal Guru and Yakub Memon have most unfortunately and SHAMELESSLY, come together to shy away from calling a known Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist a terrorist. To use the guise of human rights and peddle it to bestow martyrdom to slain terrorist and today we watch these pseudo intellectual brigade sitting in their high-armchairs refusing to call the killing of Burhan Wani, for what it is a FANTASTIC SUCCESS. A GLORIOUS success of our brave security personnel. Viewers, let’s come together tonight and let us junk this group and junk their bluff.. Let us not romanticise or confuse terror…And if you agree with me because this rubbish has been going on for three days now, then join me as we together take on the pseudo liberals and the Pakistanis after that in debate number one and debate number 2 of the Newshour.”

Rajdeep has said we are supporting kashmiri people their kashmiriyath, we want to ask him a simple question ,where was the kashmiriyath when scores of Kashmiri pandith’s were butchered and sent away ,where was kashmiriyath when amarnath yatri’s being attacked. it is not about kashmiriyath dear Rajdeep it is about terrorists vs Indian government , have the courage to report the truth and not act according to your pay masters and political bosses