Why curb on Onam and Dahi handi celebrations is the most facinorous attack on Hindu unity

When large group comes together for a reason , stand for a cause we call it unity.Now, let us ask this question,when was  the last time we have seen Unity of Hindus? Probably during Holi, Ganesha festival,Dahi Handi Jalikattu, Onam etc. and when is the last time other religions have come together? mostly to defend their religion be it in Malda, or Azad Miadan. Hindus are mostly united for a cause which is celebrations/festivals etc, and there are some groups which have come out in protest when Hindu Gods are abused or shown in bad light.

The Malda Riot 2016









The Breaking India forces always target the tradition of the country and Hindu unity, their mantra is to keep the majority divided and make them feel inferior about their culture ,tradition etc.

It started with Jalikattu, Dahi Handi and now Curb on Onam celebration is Kerala, all these, if you observe carefully, are a great display of Hindu unity, people from all caste , creed come together ,and celebrate, this is when average  Hindus feel rooted to their tradition,culture.

More seriously, we need to ask what lens is the judiciary using to define essence? If it is applying the Abrahamic test, no ritual will survive scrutiny because what is essential is not defined in Hinduism and Hindusim is not defined by set of rigid rules. Jallikattu is essential to the Tamil Hindus but not for Maharashtra ones. Dahi Handi is essential to Maharashtra Hindus but not for the Tamil ones.

Recently, SC of India, based on single PIL , has put restrictions on Dahi handi, althouh the restrictions on age of participants is acceptable, the restriction on height of Dahi handi is on the spot light. There is similar event in Catlan tradition in Spain who form human pyramid, and there are no such restrictions there in Spain.Injuries,casualty happen in Spain event too.

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Kerala CM vijayan has banned onam celebrations at offices in Kerala, He says ” It is not appropriate and proper that such festivities, including laying of ‘pookalams’ (floral carpets), are held at offices during office hours,”
Historically Christians and Muslims have had a lot of influence in the decision making in Kerala, with the left government in power, they have now got absolute power. Ban on Onam is seen as facinorous attack because it is one of the festivals that unite all the keralites, and by not allowing even to put floral carpets, CM is sending a clear message to Hindus. Although Hindus constitute over 50% , they have no say in decision making,Hindu community , nairs,Kurupa etc, are largely divided.
Why Hindu unity ?

Over 400,000 Hindu Pandits were chased out of Kashmir, had they shown some unity and shown political power , situation would have been different. what was done about it? Take notice of how Assam is becoming the new Kashmir with nearly 80,000 people being displaced, having left their villages due to fear from the incoming and growing Muslims. And now the Muslim political party in Assam is demanding a separate and autonomous region in southern Assam just for Muslims.

Is this not the same pattern we have seen time and time again? And is anyone doing anything about it? Is anyone speaking out that another chunk of India is threatened with being lost? In due course, what will be left of India if this keeps happening?

Hindus often do not conduct themselves in a powerful way. And when they do, the Indian media is completely against them. The secular media in India does not mean secular, it means to bend over backward showing preference for the minorities at the expense of the Hindu majority. Thus, secular media in India means to be anti-Hindu. But should that stop Hindus? They cannot afford to be overly considerate of what others think when their own future is at stake.Therefore, there is no doubt that Hindus must unite as a society while there is still time to make a difference.