Karan Johar slaps copyright law on an american youtuber while begs for his movie release in front of MNS

There has been a long and a sustained campaign by us,the nationalists to boycott and not watch Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (ADHM) due to the hypocrisy of Anushka Sharma on the way she intends pets to be treated selectively only for Deepavali and the casting of the Pakistani Actor, Fawad Khan.

There was a call by Maharashtra NavNirman Sena (MNS) headed by Raj Thackarey to vandalize theaters and cinema halls that air ADHM. While I completely detest and condemn such calls for violence especially by a political party and don’t support it at all, I intend to ask Karan Johar if he finds what he did to acclaimed trailer and movie critic Jaby Koay something agreeable?

To those of you who don’t know what I am driving at, Jaby Koay is an American who runs a youtube channel where he regularly airs, promotes and criticizes Bollywood and other regional Indian Films for their performances and other aspects of film-making. He is very popular among Indian Movie buffs and even got a chance to attend a press event by Ajay Devgan due to his support and appreciation for the trailer of Shivaay.

However, when Jaby Koay actually aired the trailer of ADHM and reacted to it, he was slapped with a copyright strike for his youtube channel by Dharma Productions, Karan Johar’s Production company. Now those of you who don’t know, a copyright strike is a huge thing and three of them within a stipulated amount of time can cause in the shutting down of your youtube channel.

So, my question to KJo is this: If you can cry victim by stating that a very powerful political force like MNS is vandalizing your movie, why shouldn’t a poor youtuber that lives and feeds on your trailer cannot air an already public youtube video and you threaten him with something as serious as a copyright strike when all he is doing is promoting/criticizing your movie? Don’t you thing you have been extremely intolerant on a poor chap who maybe earning a very small fraction of what ADHM will earn as a gross amount anyway? If you can cry victim because of a higher force is crushing your freedom, pray can you explain the problem of freedom that you owe to innocent people like Jaby?

By the way, the proof that you have slapped a “Copyright Strike” over Jaby Koay is available in the following youtube link..
Proof of Jaby Koay threatened with Copyright Strike by Dharma productions