Latin American Girl explains how Evils of kejriwalism is more destructive than a nuclear weapon

I think one thing we Indians don’t think, ponder or debate enough about is policies that drive our growth, development, recession, poverty and other aspects of economic and social reform. We elect leaders and wait for the magic to happen as if we are entitled to better lives just based on small and big-ticket promises our Netas make!

One socio-economic philosophy that has driven this country for a good fraction of our post-independence history is “Socialism”. Socialism, ever-attractive idea around the world that makes big Governments grow bigger and taxes, policies, money, wealth and its distribution – mostly controlled by the so-called “Establishment” – that doles out huge amounts of material wealth to the poor, burdening the average taxpayer to keep earning more but gaining little in return for what he earns… Basically, in lay man terms, the harder you work, the more you earn, the thicker your wallet, but then a bigger fraction of your pie goes to the “Establishment” !!!

Socialism in India appears in many forms, both for the poor and the rich at the expense of those who rightfully earn their money.. We get subsidies that we can actually pay for, many get tax rebates for certain goods because the government believes that it is the right direction to pursue regulatory mechanisms that don’t allow hard-working businessmen to earn more. Farmers get fertilizer subsidies which actually leads to self-perversion of their soil – due to disproportionate use. Moreover, a skewed reservation policy that discourages merit, non-asset making employment guarantee programs like MNREGA and many such aspects of small and big issues are where this philosophy is rampant in our country.


Many pure socialist countries have over the years realized that socialism is a sweet, slow poison which provides good instant relief but becomes harmful eventually when it makes people work less hard and produce less wealth and rely on the entitlements they get at the expense of others. Two recent examples of the disasters that socialism can cause are Venezuela and Cuba. India’s slump in growth and the complete disaster in 1991 can be explained by the populist measures of Indira Gandhi, who actually enshrined “Socialism” in the preamble of our constitution in the year 1975 during the fraudulent emergency. We moved from such socialism to economic liberalization in 1991 mainly due to the vision and futuristic thinking of the then Prime Minister P V Narsimh Rao, an acclaimed right-wing thinker of India. Major part of the success story of what is now called the “Gujarat Model of Governance” is basically Narendra Modi’s idea of encouraging private enterprise that minimizes Governmental regulation and guarantees economic liberty.

But since 2013-14 the ideas and thoughts of the discarded philosophy of socialism is gathering steam again, here in India and world over. The huge support base amongst the millennials for Bernie Sanders, the democratic primaries nominee in the current American presidential election, the voluminous support base for Aam Aadmi Party here in India, huge upsurge in the number of incidences of Dalit Rights Activism, the Patidar and Jat reservations agitations, and the growth in the number of social-justice-warriors along with the communists activities in the universities are a worrying sign.

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So, here in this post I thought I will highlight the success story of this girl named Gloria Alvarez, from Guatemala, a small country that borders Mexico, who made people – who envision making money- look cool again!!! She gave an interview to an acclaimed libertarian journalist and economic pundit John Stossel.  She explains how socialism has ruined almost the whole region of Latin America and there is a need to respect the private enterprises and market based economics in the world again.