“What I have done is to start a queue to end all queues, I am a fakir” PM Modi’s emotional outreach

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a rally in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. In a speech that seemed to make a strong connect with a screaming crowd, Modi centred his pitch around the inconvenience that he said demonetisation had brought down upon those who hoarded black money.

Prime Minister also added in his emotional and brave speech, “We had to stand in queue to buy sugar. We had to stand in queue to buy kerosene. We had to stand in queue to buy wheat. Thanks to those who ruled for 60 years, this country was wasting away in queues,What I have done is to start a queue to end all queues,”. PM assures people of the country their Hardwork will never go in Vain.

Prime Minister in his speech gave a strong message to Jan Dhan account holders. Indeed he motivated the deposited amount in bank accounts which belongs to others in the form of black money to keep permanently in their possession and not to return it, in a very bold statement. PM assured if anyone comes in claim of money inform him regarding the issue and the rest is assured to send the person to Jail and leave the amount behind poor household. PM has indirectly created fears in the people who used Jan Dhan accounts to deposit their Black Money.

PM Narendra Modi stated, “When we started opening Jan Dhan account , poor people did not know how they would come of use. Are they of use now or not? Those who had hoarded black money are now running after the poor and ordinary among us. They are making small talk and then asking the poor people to deposit two lakh rupees in their accounts,Did they ever come to talk to poor people? But now, they keep circling the houses of the poor. Listen to me. If you have deposited money like this in your account, do not return it. Let the money sit in your account. If they come back, threatening you to give the money back, write to Modi. The idea is not to just bring the cash out from wherever it is being hoarded. The larger idea should be to shut the door and prevent such practices from coming back,”

” I am fighting this war for you, what will those accusing me do? I am a fakir; will exit with my little belongings,” says PM Modi in Moradabad.