Shocking : Dargah turned Laundry for Dirty Money


“सब कुछ मिलता है ख्वाजा के दरबार में”

Yes We have heard it time too many , But What we didn’t hear was सब कुछ धुलता है ख्वाजा के दरबार में It works as a laundromat too!

A place where you can easily convert DIRTY MONEY/Fruit of forbidden income (हराम की कमाई)  to White Money (हलाल)

While lakhs stand in bank queues, Ajmer Sharif Dargah workers openly exchange old notes, reports CNN-News18

Do watch & ponder

क्या इसी ईमान की मिस़ाल मैलवी और इमाम देते हैं !

Hope Concerned departments take cognizance and punish the guilty one IRRESPECTIVE OF THEIR RELIGIOUS LEANING!