Nirbhaya’s Loss But Kejriwal’s gain!!


Today marks the Fourth anniversary of the brutal Nirbhaya gang-rape.

The family members had high hopes from the 23-year-old and her father had sold his land so that she could continue her studies. The girl had came to Delhi so that she could improve the financial status of her family, to ensure that her two younger brothers could continue their studies and to give her parents all the comforts of a good life. The victim father is in a low-paying job and is just able to feed his family.

Due to internal injuries, bleeding and organ failure she died after being brutally raped and her internal organs ripped out. The case was put into fast court and it took 9 months to process (fast court in India is 9 months!! Thakur ji listening? ).

The people named her “NIRBHAYA”, meaning “Fearless”, for after going through hell, she fought, fought for 13 days, wanting to live. Despite her grievous injuries to her body and mind, she wanted to live, as she told her mother.

HE GIRL LOST : Not only HER LIFE, But the JUSTICE her family deserved !

Nirbhaya Lost But Kejriwal gained!

Adding insult to the injury and the juvenile convict was set free on December 20,2015  to live his life as he please. He has a New Identity, financial security and off course NO RECORD OF HIS PAST to haunt him!


Arvind Kejriwal and his party were vociferous in their support of massive protest that broke out in Delhi against horrendous Nirbhaya gang rape case. AAP allegedly gained majorly in wake of the shocking incident but three years later, with one of the convicts walking free and AAP government providing him financial assistance, they seem to have betrayed the agitation”.

Despite the fact that Arvind Kejriwal made many public statements of lowering the age of juvenile to 15, when discussed in the House, leaders of AAP opposed it. It is relevant to note here that Kejriwal continuously made many public statements but took a U-turn when matter came for the discussion in Delhi assembly. It clearly shows the hypocrisy of the AAP government.

Afroz, the main accused & the most brutal assailant who pulled out her uterus with rod & caused her death was not given death sentence allegedly because “One Great Lady” fought against all morality to safeguard this pathetic rapist!! This Great lady is none other than Nina P. Nayak, Aam Admi Party’s 2014 Loksabha candidate from South Bangalore!!!

It will not be wrong to say that Nirbhaya case proved to be germinating ground for AAP’s fledging political career. AAP was a small party with very little ground support but over the course of Nirbhaya gang rape, they garnered volunteer support and allegedly benefitted big time from the incident.

Kejriwal showed commitment in fighting for severest of punishment possible for rape victims. But once they came to power, they completely retracted from previous stands and allowed the perpetrator of a heinous crime to walk free.

Delhi govt’s rehabilitation plan

It is to be noted here that the juvenile who is 20 plus of age now, had spent three years in remand home. Then seventeen years old culprit used iron rod to commit most horrific kind of rape ever heard about. And now he is free man.

Not just facilitating his release, Delhi government’s department of women and child development (WCD) even allocated a rehabilitation plan for the rapist. Delhi government ,as per reports, gave him a one-time financial grant of Rs 10,000 and arranged for a sewing machine so that he can rent a tailoring shop.

AAP gained a lot from Nirbhaya gang rape agitation but they completely failed to get justice as the convict virtually got away from murder and brutal rape for being six months short of his 18th birthday.

The brutal rapist of Nirbhaya is out after serving three comfortable years in a “Correction home”. It’s a slap to the people of our country. his identity is not known.

“Jurm jeet gaya, hum haar gaye (Crime has won, we have lost),” said Nirbhaya’ s distraught mother, immediately after his release.

To keep, and honor the undying spirit of NIRBHAYA, we need to galvanize our thoughts, our actions, AND THINK

Why a Nirbhaya Needs to Lose For a KEJRIWAL to win?