Authentic PMO files show how Sonia Gandhi became the the De facto PM without any Responsibility

For a decade, India was ruled by Sonia Gandhi, Rajiv’s Italian widow. She lacked a university degree and had no administrative experience. Yet she has been de facto prime minister with Manmohan Singh playing the role of a mere puppet.

Sonia had wielded power without responsibility and not appeared in a single press conference or a television interview.  She had promoted her son, whose callow coterie RUINED the country by proxy.

The Centre has decided to make 710 files of the National Advisory Council (NAC) public.

They provide a glimpse of the ecosystem that exercised absolute power with no accountability over the government between 2004 and 2014 and reveal the influence the NAC, formed under the chairmanship of Congress president Sonia Gandhi, exercised on policy-making in coal, power, divestment, real estate, governance, social and industrial sectors.

Did Sonia Gandhi lack trust in Manmohan’s capabilities?

As per The NAC summoned bureaucrats to its office at 2 Motilal Nehru Place, wrote to ministers and sought compliance reports, though its charter defines its function as a body to provide inputs for policy formulation and provide support to the government in legislative business.

File N.11012/2/2014-NAC (dated February 25) shows that the Sonia’s NAC was taking up various agendas and sending the government recommendations.

“The recommendations on ‘Development of sports in the NE’ have already been communicated to the government by the chairperson vide letters dated 21st February 2014. The recommendations on ‘Development of cooperatives in India’ are also being sent to the government with the approval of chairperson,” a note in the file said.

Super Cabinet

File (N.9) relating to the Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises contains a letter from NAC chairperson Sonia to the then PM Manmohan Singh, dated September 16, 2004. She had been informed about the government’s plan to reconstitute the Disinvestment Commission and set up a new board in its place.

Sonia wrote, “I would like to suggest that the first item in the terms of reference of the new board should be such as to enable it to look into ways and means for strengthening public sector enterprises in general and making them more autonomous and professional. The functioning of the board should not be limited only to restructuring or advising on the closure or sale of public sector enterprises that are referred to it by the government. I hope this matter will be considered on priority and a clear decision taken before the constitution of the board for reconstruction of public sector enterprises.”
Files show the PM carried out her recommendations.

On Feb 27, 2006, Sonia asked Manmohan to institute an apex mechanism for the manufacturing sector. “I thought that the issues outlined above needed to be taken up without delay for further consideration in the government,” read Sonia’s letter (1728/CP/NAC/06). A note in a file dated Oct 27, 2006 and addressed to Sonia revealed that “A special mechanism in the form of a high-level committee on manufacturing for implementation has been created as suggested in your letter to the PM.”

Sonia Gandhi, who ran India through “reluctant politician” Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

But the regime became one of the most divisive and reviled in the country’s history, slammed for its impotence as the economy slumped and corruption reigned. The proxy arrangement was blamed for instigating dysfunctional governance, and though the prime minister was considered wholly subservient to Sonia, not even able to pick his own cabinet,  quickly emerged.

“The history of those years shows the difficulty, perhaps even danger, of operating with two centres of power,” said Teresita Schaffer, a fellow at the Brookings Institute’s India Project and former US ambassador to Sri Lanka. “Even with Manmohan Singh’s character and desires wanting to make things work, the two centres of power wound up being competitive. Others were constantly calculating which of the two leaders was more sympathetic to them, how to get to Sonia Gandhi and get around Manmohan Singh, and so on.”

Who were the lackeys of Sonia Gandhi in the National Asphixiation Council (NAC) ?

Aruna Roy
Jean Dreze
NC Saxena
A K Shiva Kumar
M S Swaminathan
V Krishnamurthy
Narendra Jadhav
Mirai Chatterjee
Farah Naqvi
Pramod Tandon
Harsh Mander
Ram Dayal Munda
Madhav Gadgil
Yogendra Yadav
Prashant Bhushan

They were to the Government of Sonia Gandhi what GRIGORI YEFIMOVICH RASPUTIN (1869-1916) was to Czarina Alexandra of Russia in the last days of the Czar Nicholas II of Russia (1868-1918) before the Great Russian  Revolution in October 1917.

It is not for nothing that Karl Marx said that History repeats itself and historians repeat each other. The crimes follies and tragedies of Czar Nicholas II were re-enacted by CZARINA SONIA GANDHI with greater gusto with the help of the purse-strings of the Sonia Congress Party, a strictly private estate owned by her and her family. Madame Destiny threw up a Lenin in October 1817 to liberate Russia.

Madame destiny has thrown up a heroes like Narendra Modi and Dr.Subramanian Swamy to liberate India from the tyrannical Mafiosi.

I am at a loss of words to adequately describe the base, sordid, mean, petty, squalid and  criminal intentions of Sonia Gandhi and her chosen members in the NAC (NATIONAL ASPHYXIATION COUNCIL).

Fortunately the biting words of the great American Poet Walt Whitman (1819-1892) are stored up in my private armory for sudden use and burst fire against this grisly gang of anti-India gangsters taking their hourly instructions from SONIA GANDHI. Let us hear the words of Walt Whitman:

“While the members who composed it [any Democratic Party National Convention prior to the Civil War in 1861] were, seven-eighths of them, the meanest kind of bawling and blowing officeholders, office-seekers, pimps, malignant,  conspirators, murderers, fancy-men’, custom-house clerks,  contractors, kept-editors, spaniels well-trained to carry and fetch, jobbers, infidels, dis unionists, terrorists, mail catchers, pushers of slavery, creatures of the President , creatures of would-be Presidents, spies, bribers, compromisers, lobyists, sponges, ruined sports, expelled gamblers, policy-backers, Monte-dealers, duelists, carriers of  concealed weapons, deaf men, pimpled men, scarred with vile disease, gaudy outside with gold chains made from the people’s money and harlots’ money twisted together; crawling, serpentine men, the lousy combining and born freedom-sellers of the earth.”