SHOCKING VIDEO: TMC MP Kalyan calls Modi as son of a ***

Kolkata: The political discourse in this country has seen many lows, one does not know where to place this one.

It was Trinamool Congress MP Kalyan Banerjee’s turn to take the limelight with his startling and outrageous remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Modi’s supporters call him a lion. But I say time is not far when Modi will have to return to his hole in Gujarat like a son of a rat,” Banerjee said in a protest meeting in front of the RBI regional headquarters in Kolkata.

Banerjee also named BJP leaders Kailash Vijayvarghia and Rahul Sinha while directing his scathing attacks against the party and used the protest platform to throw them “open challenges”.

The Trinamool Congress has been sitting on a three-day dharna before RBI in Kolkata from Monday in likeness to such protests in Delhi and elsewhere in the country in protest against demonetisation.