Video: After BSF Jawan Now CRPF Jawan Cries Discrimination

After video of BSF soldier Tej Bahadur went viral and made headlines, where he was seen complaining about the quality of food which is served to the BSF men, a video of CRPF soldier Jeet Singh is surfacing; where he is complaining to the government regarding pension scheme for CRPF soldiers.

In a two minute, fifty one second video, which was uploaded by the soldier on social media, he can be heard comparing and raising questions about the pension received by Armymen and people in Para-military force in contrast with pensions drawn by CRPF jawans.

Jeet, who joined CRPF in 2012, says “Our pensions have been stopped”. He adds on to say that “People in Army enjoy several perks like One Rank One Pension, canteen facilities, Medical facilities and the stature of Ex-servicemen after retirement. On the contrary, the people in CRPF do not get any pension post retirement.

In fact, the jawans have to shed away an amount of their monthly salary, sixty percent of which they get as pension post retirement.
After the video of Jeet Singh became viral, ABP News questioned him if he is also facing threats from the administration, to which he replied saying that his complaint isn’t against CRPF, but against the government.

In the end of the video, the jawan signs off by raising a question in front of the government asking “why a discrimination with us”?