Pakistan Kills 2 Indian ISI Agents for Failing Train Derailment Plan

An ISI handler ordered the killings to two men over a botched plan to plant explosives along railway tracks in Bihar. An audio recording of the murder was made and sent to the handler. Intelligence sources have revealed to Indian Today that Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency was behind the killings of two Indians hired by a man named Brajkishore Giri to sabotage Indian Railways tracks.
Giri allegedly killed the two men, Arun and Deepak Ram, at the behest of Shamshul Hoda, Giri’s ISI handler.
Arun and Deepak were murdered in cold-blood in Nepal after they backed out of a plan to explosives on railway tracks near Ghorasahan in Bihar’s East Champaran district.
The plan itself failed after police recovered the explosives planted by others in Arun and Deepak’s team. This enraged Hoda, and the duo was then killed. An audio clip of the murder was recorded as proof and was sent to Hoda sources say.
The sources also revealed that the ISI had made plans to cause large-scale damage to railways infrastructure in India with the aim of killing hundreds. Central agencies are already ivestigating claims that the ISI was behind the derailment of the Indore-Patna Express in which over 150 people lost their lives.
The ISI link to the drailment, which took place near Kanpur, in fact emerged during the murder investigation inrto Arun and Deepak’s deaths.
Three men arrested by Bihar police in connection with the murders, told police officers that the trio along with Deepak and Arun was supposed to have planted IED explosives alongside railways tracks in Ghorasahan, which near the Nepal border.
The plan went into effect on October 1, but Arun and Deepak backed out at the last moment. Bihar police detected and defused the powerful explosives, averting a major accident. Following this, Arun and Deepak were taken to Nepal where they were allegedly brutally killed in a jungle.
Source:India Today
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