That’s Moral Army: Soldier donates blood, saves Pregnant woman in Kashmir.

A soldier in north Kashmir on Tuesday saved a woman’s life by donating rare B negative group blood after a WhatsApp message was received for it.

An official statement said, a message was received at the army camp from the district hospital Baramulla on WhatsApp.

A pregnant woman named Dilshada, a resident of Bijama of Uri district, had to undergo a cesarean, and required B negative blood, which is one of uncommon blood groups.

“The soldier of the Baramulla-based Army camp responded promptly and donated blood for transfusion thereby saving her life,” the statement said.
and thats not it,Army has been helping people in Kashmir via various Camps and other programs. Here are some of it which happened in Past Few days

In Places in Mumbai,Delhi,Bengaluru and other Various Organisations Come out organising Youth Fest and other programs but have you heard anyone planning to organising any such events for youths of Kashmir? so Indian Army does that in Valley

U talk about Medical Facility,Education Facility,Entertainment Facility,Basic trainings,Safety Programs or any other programs mainly and mainly are always carried out by Indian Army and there soldiers from decades. We can give u as many as examples u want but u wont know about it until National Media covers or Broadcast it. So its our Job What Media Doesn’t show we will do.