No, BJP MP Pratap Simha did not compare Gurmehar Kaur with Dawood

In the backdrop of Ramjas college clashes between AISA and ABVP, a lesser known individual Gurmehar Kaur, who happens to be daughter of a Kargil war martyr started an online campaign condemning the clashes at Ramjas college. She condemned ABVP and spared AISA who shouted free kashmir slogans .

She also posted a picture of her holding a placard which said “PAKISTAN DID NOT KILL MY FATHER, WAR DID”.

This was ill conceived and  ridiculous statement to say war killed someone instead of circumstances and parties leading to war ,and naturally social media reacted both sharply and in a humourous way

There were kashmir azadi slogans in Ramjas college by AISA group and this resulted in a scuffle , being a kargil martyr’s daughter kaur took the side of those who shouted Kashmir Azadi slogans which enraged the social media users.

There were tons of social media posts , including some from celebrities like Virender sehwag and randeep hooda. BJP MP Pratap Simha also shared a post from the facebook page of ShankhNaad , it had this picture


This picture was posted on Shankhnaad page and shared by MP Pratap Simha, whoever created this picture is merely trying to tell that one should not use his/her background to justify any anti national activities, it is terrible to do so.

Kaur, who gave interview to NDTV had her father’s image in backdrop went on to support the anti nationals(by condemning ABVP who opposed free kashmir slogans) who shouted kashmir azadi slogans at Ramjas , The likes of Hafiz also say the same thing, ie FREE KASHMIR

It was a  mere analogy or a metaphor used for comparison and never did MP Pratap simha said Kaur is Dawood or vice versa.The same media which never cared for fauji’s family have found a sudden love in this case. It appears like Media is using Kaur to further their agenda.