Comrade Kavita Krishnan threatens Vivek Agnihotri with a criminal defamation case

Vivek Agnihotri is a popular director who directed “Buddha in a traffic jam”. This was a bold movie that depicted naxalism in its true light and showed the dark side of naxals that is a threat of India’s internal security. He has been frank and minces no words when it comes to talking about naxalism and its down side. No wonder he has rubbed a few naxals the wrong way and put them on the defensive. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise when people like Kavita Krishnan feel threatened at being exposed and their true colours being put before the public. When one’s mask falls off, the person is sure to be scared.

Vivek Agnihotri tweeted copy of a ‘death warrant issued by naxals’ (sic). Polit Bureau member of CPI (ML- Marxist Leninist) Kavita Krishnan did not take too kindly to this expose and went to the extent of threatening the former of being sued. Leftists are particularly scared of their true face and agenda being exposed because then recruiting for their cadres would become that much more difficult. Truth hurts and not everyone has the stomach to digest it.

The spat began when Vivek tweeted the death warrant copy and Kavita was quick to call it a ploy of the ‘Sanghis’. It is a well-known fact that Leftists use violence, rapes, threats and intimidation as tools to recruit people into their cadres. Kavita not only denounced the said letter as one that had been manufactured in the ‘Sanghi fake news factory’ but also threatened to file a case against Vivek. Not one to be deterred, Vivek has continues to fight such urban naxals and has even received help from Legal Rights Observatory (tweeted by Mr. Agnihotri himself). It has been the modus operandi of the left to circulate letters and pictures and later term them as false propaganda of the RSS and Sanghis.

Not many have the courage and conviction to stand up against the blatant lies, mafia raj and propaganda machinery run by the left. In such a scenario it is easy to get intimidated by threats issued by people like Kavita. However, Mr. Vivek has proved otherwise. It takes guts to stand by what one says and counter the narratives with logic and facts.