Dr Swamy to argue Hashimpura genocide of 1987 case; More trouble for Chidambaram?

Today I have to argue my case of the Hashimpura genocide of 1987. PC is a potential accused in that too. tweeted Dr Subramanian Swamy, early in the morning today, indicating more trouble for Chidambaram.Dr Swamy has been the lone fighter for the justice in this case

Hashimpura massacre took place on 22 May 1987, during the Hindu-Muslim riots in Meerut city in Uttar Pradesh state, India, when 19 personnel of the Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) allegedly rounded up 42 Muslim youth from the Hashimpura mohalla (locality) of the city, took them in truck to the outskirts, near Murad Nagar, in Ghaziabad district, where they were shot and their bodies were dumped in water canals. A few days later dead bodies were found floating in the canals. In May 2000, 16 of the 19 accused surrendered, and were later released on bail, while 3 were already dead. The trial of the case was transferred by the Supreme Court of India in 2002 from Ghaziabad to a Sessions Court at the Tis Hazari complex in Delhi, where it is the oldest pending case

Swamy had argued that the then Minister of State Internal Security (MoS) P Chidambaram was present in the district at the time of the incident, which could be confirmed by examining the then District Magistrate Zaidi. That time both Centre and State was ruled by Congress and as MoS Internal Security Chidambaram was controlling the entire operations in the area, as the district was witnessing communal riots in the wake of Ayodhya conflict.

Hashimpura – Was the destruction of records deliberate?

The Bench said it was extremely “painful” to note the absence of many crucial records by state administration. The lawyer for one of the survivors said he wanted to re-summon some witnesses including family members of victims and the driver of the truck used in the incident, to ascertain identity of the Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) personnel who had committed the massacre in which 42 people were killed.

This has exposed the fake secularism of congress where at the one hand they say they are here to protect muslims,while at the other hand they have not taken up this case. Merely because they were in power at that time and which could mean trouble to Chidamabaram and the party. Clearly they have put party ahead of muslim lives.