Triple Talaq :Congress puts appeasement politics ahead of human sufferings

That Congress has been anti-Hindu and unapologetically minority appeaser is a well known fact. But they would continue with their anti-Hindu tirade and appeasement policies even when in opposition and after losing election after election is beyond imagination, though ideally it shouldn’t come as a surprise. In an argument about Triple Talaq in court why did Kapil Sibal find the need to drag in Shri Ram and the Ayodhya Mandir issue? Arguing before a five judge bench consisting of Chief Justice of India JS Khehar, Justices Kurian Joseph, R F Nariman, U U Lalit and Abdul Nazeer that Nikahnama, Sibal said that Triple Talaq is a basic tenet of Islam and has been in practice for 1400 years.

Appearing in court on behalf of All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), Sibal equated the Ram Janmabhoomi issue with that of Triple Talaq saying that both were a matter of faith and hence not subject to constitutional morality. He further argued that “it is not a question of equity and good conscience, it is a question of faith. You cannot bring in constitutional morality” (sic). He also said that it would not be fair to question the practice and term it un-Islamic.
His tirade against Hinduism did not stop here. Putting forward arguments in favour of this despicable practice where a woman can simple be divorced by uttering the word Talaq thrice, these days through messages and other modern methods of communication as well, Sibal told the judges “All patriarchal societies are partial. In Hinduism, a father can will away his property to anyone, but not in the Muslim community. I can point out many such practices in the Hindu society. Is it better for a woman to apply for divorce and fight for 16 years and get nothing”? He said patriarchy was present in all communities and that was essentially the root cause of this problem.

Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi informed the court that the Central Government is mulling the introduction of a law to regulate marriage and divorce among Muslims subject to triple talaq being held unconstitutional and invalid by the court. Due to the limited time on its hand the court decided to reserve the issues of practice of polygamy and nikah halala and deal with them at a later date. The hearing on this subject is based on a series of petitions that challenges the practices of triple talaq, nikah halala and polygamy among Muslims. The bench comprises of members belonging to various religious communities.

The fact that a senior lawyer like Kapil Sibal would equate the issue of Ram Janmabhoomi and Triple Talaq, which are as different as chalk and cheese, smacks not just of contempt for Hinduism but apologetic tendencies and bias towards Muslims that has been a trademark of Congress leaders who look at Muslims as a vote bank. By trying to justify an outdated practise that has no place in modern society Sibal is doing a great injustice to Muslim women who have to suffer unspeakable horrors due to such practices.