A Must Watch: Arnab Goswami and Sushil Pandit Brutally Thrashes,Insults,Exposes CPIM

Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah has denounced as “farce” the Army’s court of inquiry against Major Leetul Gogoi for strapping a man to a jeep’s bonnet purportedly as a shield against stone pelters in Kashmir.

His remarks came after the Major was honoured by Army chief General Bipin Rawat recently with a ‘Commendation Card’ “for his sustained efforts in counter-insurgency operations”.

“In future, please don’t bother with the farce of a military court of inquiry. Clearly the only court that matters is the court of public opinion,” Abdullah wrote on Twitter.

A video, showing the man tied to the army vehicle during polling in the Srinagar Lok Sabha by-election on April 9, had triggered a public outcry, prompting the Army to institute a probe and the police to register a case against the officer.

on 10PM at Arnab’s Debate on “India Loves India Army” on Omar Abdullah Insulting Indian Army, Fuad Halim CPI(M) Spokesperson was Very Badly Thrashed,Insulted,Exposed and was shown a Mirror by Arnab Goswami

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