Afghanistan Not only Brutally Slams Pakistan over Kabul Blast attack but does more than that.

A powerful bomb hidden in a sewage tanker exploded in the highly secure diplomatic quarter of Kabul on Wednesday morning, killing 90 people and demonstrating that the holy month of Ramzan would provide little respite from the violence across Afghanistan.

The blast in the heart of the Afghan capital injured 400 people and damaged the embassies of India, Bulgaria, France, Japan, Turkey and the UAE. It also destroyed or damaged more than 50 vehicles and shattered windows of buildings located hundreds of metres away.

India’s ambassador Manpreet Vohra said the bomb went off nearly 100 metres from the country’s embassy, causing “considerable damage” but all members of the staff were safe.

The National Directorate of Security said on Wednesday evening the attack was planned by the Haqqani Network in Pakistan with the “direct help” of the Inter-Services Intelligence agency, according to Afghan media.

The government’s media centre said: “In this powerful attack, 90 people have been killed and 400 wounded, including many women and children.” Health officials warned the toll could climb further.

The target of the explosion in Wazir Akbar Khan area was not immediately known and officials said it was caused by 1,500 kg of explosives hidden in the sewage tanker. The attack took place at the peak of Kabul’s rush hour, when roads were packed with commuters.

Afghan troops are backed by US and NATO forces, and the Pentagon has reportedly asked the White House to send thousands more troops to the country to break the deadlocked fight against the Taliban.

US troops in Afghanistan currently number about 8,400, and there are another 5,000 from NATO allies, who mainly serve in an advisory capacity – a far cry from the US presence of more than 100,000 six years ago.

Now the most Interesting Breaking News is that Afghanistan has Cancelled the Bilateral Series With Pakistan which was finalised 2 days that there will be a Bilateral match between afghanistan and pakistan tk improve ties but after blast as soon as Afghanistan got Intelligence Reports Citing Haqqani Network and Pakistan ISI role in latest Terrorist attack in Diplomatic Area of Afghanistan, The Afganistan Cricket association has decided to cancel the event with the Terrorist Sponsoring country

Here is what Happened in past few days displayed by Aveek Sen who covers Geo-Politics of South Asia and Neighbouring Countries especially Conflict areas.

Isn’t it time that we as Indian Also does the same with Pakistan and cancel the India Pakistan Match Planned on 4th to be cancelled from India Side? It’s time India takes a tuff stand against a terrorist country and show them there place in world community!
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Source:TOI Half Story From TOI rest Updated from Many Sources