Wow: Farmer Tweets PM,PM Modi Resolves Farmer issue in less than 24 Hours

A farmer who tweeted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a request to solve his problem had his complaint resolved within the day.

Vijay Kumar Yatnalli, a resident of Betageri village in Koppala was troubled because of an electric pole erected in his farm land. This pole was in the middle of his field and had become bent, which hampered the ploughing of the field, particularly during the rainy season.

He had requested the GESCOM (Gulbarga Electricity Supply Company) a number of times to remove the electric pole but no action had been taken so far.

So, Vijay tweeted directly to the PM on Wednesday with an image of his predicament and a request to resolve it.

On Thursday, GESCOM men arrived at Vijay’s field and removed the bent pole. What’s even more interesting is that he didn’t get a reply from PM Modi’s twitter handle, he just showed the tweet to the GESCOM officials, who responded within 24 hours.

This is really a good reason to cheer as PM official handle has really become a source to solve people’s problem.