Lynch mob or asli kashmiriyath ?

Mohammed Ayub Pandit – the Deputy Superintendent of police, was stripped naked and stoned to death on Thursday night by a mob!

No the place was not Saudi Arabia under the advocacy of Sharia but this horrendous brutality happened under our own constitution, in our own land of Nowatta area of Srinagar, right in front of the Jamia Masjid during the night long Ramzan prayers of Shab e qadr.

The main stream media reports and the human rights protagonists have been quick to condemn the incident and offer their humanist variants of ‘Kadi Ninda’ while craftily attributing that the mob saw him roam around with a gun and that he was also recording a stone pelting demonstration outside the mosque on his mobile, hence suspecting him to be a security personal and more so a Hindu, they attacked him upon which the DSP fired in self-defense injuring some 3 persons, this in turn led to a fatal attack on the young officer but the jurisdictional DGP SP Vaid has confirmed that the Officer Mohammad Ayub Pandit was posted to check access control of the mosque so that no untowardly incident occurs during the Ramzan prayers.

It is sheer mockery of our security forces that Ayub Pandit was deployed as part of security provided for Mirwaiz Omar Farooq – the head priest of Jamia Masjid and the Hurriyat chairman, who spews venom against India! There are reports coming up that this terror sympathizer Omar Farooq was allegedly present inside the mosque when his people mobbed and massacred the diligent officer, however the seer of separatism Mirwaiz Omar Farooq has denied being present in the mosque at the time of the killing but has audaciously justified the incident saying that it was a reaction to the brutal offences of the Indian security personal on his people.

For far too long we Indians have been witnessing killings after killings with the separatist brutality getting brazen by each passing day as if civil unrest is a normal phenomenon in the J&K state, we have seen debates after debates elaborating the need for talks of peace with the poor headmasters and their brethren, as our liberals continue to unabashedly ascribe auspicious and holy acronyms of Azaadi for all the unholy nexus they stand for when the fact of the matter at hand is that they no more can hide beneath glorified tittles like ‘separatists’ as its time to call their shots and say it loud and clear that these Pak sponsored ISI touts are nothing more than a bunch of anti-national terror inflicting liability to our exchequer which our government should shun immediately by withdrawing all security extended to these thugs and book them for sustained anti-national activity and execute them without further wasting the taxpayers money!

Whether one chooses to call them Pak sponsored terror agents or a subterfuge US foreign policy nose picking into our internal matters to keep us subservient, in today’s digital world it is perhaps obsolete to be regurgitating the same thing Pakistan itself is a puppet state of the west and whether it is the Hurriyat (APHC) or NBLF or the Dravidian or the Maoist or the Khalistani separatist movements, these separatist movements are nothing but established foreign policies of the west against developing nations like India but for the sake of enlightening the uninitiated it is important for us Indians to understand who really is Hurriyat and how it began to penetrate and plague the paradise called Kashmir with such rabid religiosity that has spread its tentacles of animosity!

When the Khalistani movement was watered down by Indira Gandhi in the 1980s, the dynamics of separatism assumed a new form, an armed struggle against the Indian security forces was euphemistically promoted, the JKLF(Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front) was replaced with extreme Islamic fundamentalism that led to the exodus of the Kashmiri Pundit between 1985-90s.

A casual search on Wikipedia reveals that the US think tank called US Institute of Peace (USIP) under President Robert Oakley instituted this separatist terror outfit called Hurriyat whose ideology proclaims that Kashmir is an unfinished agenda of the partition!

It is for this reason that the Hurriyat candidates wield sympathy from the US embassy in India and all the US, UK sponsored media channels.

But geopolitics is all about intellectual warfare today where the imperial west institutes unrest and then dons their peace keeping hats through their own bodies like UN, while Pakistan is that lost twin in the partition fair who has taken the evil route, India is carefully treading a separatism trap like Raja Vikram who has to carry the betal called Islamic terror where if you speak(act militarily) you are damned with a threat of a war and if you don’t speak(do not act) you are bled every single day!

But the story goes that Raja Vikrama did take the betal to its meaningful end but will the government be able to put an end to this obnoxious arm twisting or will we continue to just keep reporting on the gory deaths of our soldiers and security personnel by inviting terror assistants masquerading as human rights activists on national television debates and cozy up to so called Kashmiriyat or will we have some spine to differentiate why a Dadri is big TRP while an Ayub Pandit is denied all human rights? There will be no cries of intolerance or award wapsi but can we atleast ask some relevant questions as to why we have to secure the lives of those who blatantly advocate taking out lives?