Meet the propagandists behind #NotInMyName fake protests in support of muslims

So, who are the people behind this so called #NotInMyName protests against a lynching of muslim boy over petty seat sharing issue in a train. Although the lynching was all about petty fight that escalated to mob violence in train, these propagandists ,waiting for one opportunity against modi government, started this whole fake protests. Here we take you through the people behind the protests, who really organized it.

Certainly, media is very hostile towards modi government from the day 1. Now, after the CBI raids on Prannoy roy of NDTV , they are much more enraged and is quiet evident from the phenomenal support of media to this fake protests

Saba Dewan, Rahul Roy ,Neha , Radha Khan
and others are the main organisers of this fake protests. What is common between them? yes, they are all from the media, and they are all anti modi and anti Hindu to say the least. They have been part of JNU protests against ABVP. If you scroll through their timeline it is quiet evident that they are waiting for one opportunity,like vultures to start fake protests

Saba Dewan writes about herself as writer and filmmaker, if we scroll through her profile her hate for the current government is evident and also for the hindus. She was crying for muslim student from JNU who has been missing on his own.
and also participated in protest against hindutva.

Another Rahul Roy , comes form anti modi brigade has sevral posts with blind hatred for modi and htis one is disgusting

Apart from these Delhi based elite media/part time failed filmmakers, scores of media houses like NDTV was involved openly in protests, Kaun Jaat ho fame ravnish personally attended the fake protests. NDTV covered the show 24/7 and declared open suppport to this fake protests targetted against Hindus.

It is pretty evident that the protests were organized,mobilized by the usual suspects,media and the anti modi brigade. what is important to note is the media persons personally participated ,organized and covered the whole fake protests, this is phenomenal.

Main propagandist