Hate speech:Muslim should vote only Muslim candidates,says Akbaruddin Owaisi in public rally

Akbaruddin Owaisi, the “communal” MLA of Telangana – brother of Assaduddin Owaisi the Lok Sabha MP, is in the news yet again for all his rabble rousing, this time around for openly asking a Muslim only vote thereby echoing Pakistan’s two nation theory!

His remarks do not come as a surprise as he has in the past made vitriolic speeches against India where he openly proclaimed that if police force was removed for 15 minutes, the 25 crore Muslims of India would tell the 100 crore Hindus as to who is more powerful! Although this statement was an open call for dividing India by provoking Muslims to wage a civil war on the Hindus where the subterfuge reverie to align with Pakistan by inciting violence was for all to see, however the Indian secular state that is normally very quick to nail a Kamlesh Tiwari (who still languishes in jail for hate speech against Muslims while minorities are dealt with kid gloves in similar or even graver cases) did not so concede that this was an abhorrently hate filled divisive speech that sounded as if it came from Islamabad and hence he was released in just 40days!

The hate spewing brother duo who call themselves secular in spite of heading a political outfit with an Islamic name that has never been able to make a substantial political cut at par with the proportion of the venom that they spew, have always been critical of Modi and have been openly anti-Hindu while unceremoniously ridiculing Hindu Gods and outraging Hindu beliefs that was evident in his 2012 inflammatory speech.

But why are the Owaisis so anti-Hindu and oppose everything that is beneficial for the development of the Indian state?

The answer lies in the birth of their political party which was founded in the early 1927. The MIM was started as just a cultural and religious platform for Muslims initially but was later hijacked by one Qasim Rizvi, who was rabidly anti-Hindu and anti-India. Qasim Rizvi was the head of the Razzakar Militia who was instrumental in the alleged ethnic cleansing of Hindus in the Hyderabad belt and was opposed to the idea of Hyderabad joining India and even disobeyed the Nizam. He openly propagated that India would once again be under Islamic rule for which he was soon arrested and parceled off to Pakistan! Just before leaving for Pakistan Qasim Rizvi passed the baton of Pro-Pakistan Islam to Abdul Wahed Owaisi the grandfather of the Owaisi brothers!

When this was the principle upon which a political outfit was started, it comes as no surprise that their chest thumping discourses is only revolving around their political manifesto. As a matter of fact what is more surprising if not shocking is that the Indian state that has in the past banned many political organizations like CPI(Maoist) and many Naxal political outfits of the NorthEast for their anti-India and terror spreading activities has strangely remained a mute spectator in this case! One can conclude that it was perhaps in flow with the minority appeasement policies of the successive secular governments, that let a political outfit with a brazen record of inciting mob violence like in the Mumbai riots(1992,2012), where hundreds of innocent lives were lost, when law and order was stomped under secularism when hundreds of Muslims marched on the streets of Mumbai, hurling stones, killing people and policemen, burning public property, such communal callousness that was let loose as chaotic charades of minority rebellion under the political noses masquerading as secular parties and the AIMIM has been a clandestine contributor all along but inspite of all this the party is elevated as a secular party and is deliberately allowed national news time to play their minority cards for all those heinous marauding acts and murders that gets brushed under the pet topic of 2002 riots of Gujarat for time immemorial.

Today the head of the Shia Muslim board has condemned the speech of AKbaruddin Owaisi and openly scorns that the Owaisis are not the torch bearers of Islam.

It would perhaps do well to the Owaisi brothers if they invest in some cleaner politics shunning their Razzakar image and invent newer methods to woo the Muslim voter as the Indian Muslim in this digital age is far more informed and shall not fall prey to any divisive advocacy. The AIMIM’s attempts of holding India to ransom with covert threats of playing a Pakistani bully within India by promoting such an environment conducive for rioting against the Indian state is no less treacherous and cannot be taken lightly anymore, especially in the recent context where Asaudddudin Owaisi has openly provided legal help to the members of ISIS who were caught confessing to be in the ISIS module from Hyderabad!

In this context what is more appalling is the sabotage of the seriousness of the matter at hand by the liberal main stream media who come up with fallacious hashtags like #NotInMyName when the question staring a progressive and an ambitious India in the face is the fact that, can we really afford to ignore such Zakir Naiks and all their minority crying cadre and wait until they abscond to Saudi Arabia and such other countries as our Muslim youth continue to pay a heavy price with their ignorant lives?