Top Congress leader says his driver was lynched;Police found him to be safe and without any injury

On Sunday, in a series of tweets Congress activist Tehseen Poonawalla alleged that his driver has been ‘lynched’, later changing the allegation to mob violence. However, the Delhi Police refuted his allegations stating that they were ‘ill founded and not based on facts’. Tehseen claimed that his driver had somehow ‘managed to run and save his life and he is bad hurt (sic)’. He added in the same tweets that his driver wasn’t Muslim and that apparently the fight started because they asked him for money.

He wrote on Twitter: “Guys terrible news. My driver was lynched by a mob … today was his day off. My driver coming to meet me now. At the moment I don’t know details. People are getting him to me in a rickshaw. He somehow managed to run and save his life. He is hurt bad.”

He added: “I do not have any details except a person who managed to call me after my driver escaped. Today was his day off. My driver is not a Muslim. I will refrain from judgements now. I know it is mob lynching. I do NOT know the reason or details. Have spoken to my doc next building. Priority.”

Describing the incident, he claimed that the fight was over alcohol.

Describing the incident Tehseen said: “Ask him money for drinks. He refuses one of them holds him & tells him he must lend them. He moved the guy &starts to walk off when. Suddenly a mob of these youngsters start to hit my driver. They start to kick him, his shirt tears. The landlord’s daughter came to help. They hit her as well she runs the meanwhile my other temp driver pulls him out ..the mob hits him too.. (sic)”

He added that the Delhi PCR Van had taken his driver with his secretary to AIIMS trauma centre. He went on to claim that the cops ‘advised’ his driver to forget the issue and his father objected.

However, the Delhi Police contested Tehseen Poonawalla’s version of events saying that they had received a complaint about a quarrel near Hanuman Mandir, Begampur Jhuggi, Malviya Nagar. Additional DCP (South) Chinmoy Biswal reached the spot to probe the incident.

According to Biswal, 24-year-old Sharda Prasad and 19-year-old Rohit – had quarrelled over verbal abuses. He added that they have been booked under section 107/150 of CrPC.

Sharda, the official said was Poonwalla’s driver and he hadn’t suffered any injuries. He added that Rohit’ s mother and sister were interviewed and sent back. Delhi Police added that Tehseen Poonawalla’s allegations were ill-founded and not-based on facts.