Watch:Republic’s and Times now’s Big Exposes on Bahirsat Riots,TMC Leaders Exposes TMC Leaders

In a sensational sting, a Trinamool Congress leader, the Minority Committee Chairman, has been caught on tape saying that a fellow party leader let the situation out of control in Baduria.
“But when the problem started, he was sitting at home, he never came to douse it. And yet we call him a leader of the All India Trinamool Congress,” he says.

Here’s the full transcript of their interaction:

Sreya: When the riots started, the man responsible, the Municipal Corporation Chairman I think…(inaudible)…didn’t he try controlling the situation?

Montu Haji:  (Inaudible)…Is the Minority Ward President….(Inaudible)…In Baduria, I am the Minority Committee Chairman…At this point of time, I am the Block President…(Inaudible)…We can’t deny that fact…If you try to get information about him (Tushar Singha), you will find out that he is involved in cow smuggling & gold smuggling, everyone is aware of this. From the youngest boy to the oldest man in Baduria, everybody knows about him.

Sreya: So you are saying, somewhere he was involved?

Montu Haji: He doesn’t have the time to look after the organisation. Our District President Jyotipriya Mallick forcefully imposed this responsibility on him. He spends the money (meant for the organisation). When a problem arises, he doesn’t have the potential to find a solution to it. He doesn’t have that talent. He is an uneducated man.

Sreya: But I just want to ask…(unclear)…

Montu Haji: No, I don’t know about that…Now, the incident that happened in Baduria is shameful. Similar incidents happened in the past but he suppressed everything. He doesn’t have the time. When a child is born, it has an unbreakable relationship with the mother, the mother is always concerned about the well being of the child, she takes care that nothing happens to the child. Our homes are here, we know about the sensitivity of the situation. It is like a new born child, even if something minor happens…(inaudible)…Now, he doesn’t have the time to erase the differences between people here. In every situation, what he does that say for example if someone tells him that a Goat has eaten up the crop, he won’t care about it. (Inaudible)…The ward from where he won, he won using money power, in that ward somebody owns a cowshed. Cowshed is a place where cows are kept. (Unclear)…What will happen to the people here? A person’s upbringing tells a lot about a person. If somebody’s father is married five times…In a Muslim household…(inaudible)…He was raised like that. This situation wouldn’t have escalated so much. I think he should have visited that house (Facebook Post Author’s) Had he visited and spoken to the people there, people there know him, had he apologised to them…(inaudible)…The boy was under age, he wasn’t even 18 years old…(inaudible)…Many a times, it so happens that people sketch things, hand it over and go away. Even while driving many times, we unintentionally break rules and then apologise for making the mistake. Had the boy’s father also apologised saying that my son has made a mistake, the episode would have ended there.

Sreya: Why wasn’t it done?

Montu Haji: (Inaudible)…What goes in the minds of kids sometimes can’t be understood. If local leaders like District President and others along with the help of the administration would have spoken and withdrawn the matter, the situation wouldn’t have spiraled out of control.

Sreya: Even if some step would have been taken…

Montu Haji: Yes…I don’t think…In Baduria, if you hear about him from anyone, from smallest of small problem…(gets cut)

Montu Haji: Police listens to him, be it in legal or illegal matters. He even has bribed our Food Minister & District President Jyotipriya Mallick

Sreya: So you are saying he has failed to control the violence?

Montu Haji: Yes, that’s right…

Sreya: That means, on his part and on the police’s part, no action was taken?

Montu Haji: If somebody believes they can forcefully become a politician…For the last three days, a crisis has been brewing…But when the problem started, he was sitting at home, he never came to douse it. And yet we call him a leader of the All India Trinamool Congress…After the incident, two of our leaders (takes the names but is unclear) went there, spoke to people, he was standing with them but didn’t have a word to say.

Source:Republic World

Timesnow’s Expose Below:

Basirhat: Baduria, a town in Basirhat district and its adjoining areas witnessed a communal flare-up following a post by a youth on Facebook earlier this week. Though the youth was arrested, members of two communities clashed, set up road blockades, damaged shops and set fire to vehicles.

One person, Kartik Ghosh, was killed in the communal clashes. The deceased was allegedly associated with the RSS and had been an active worker of BJP for a long time. He was stabbed several times during the clash in Basirhat area.

Following the clashes, local MLA Dipendu Biswas was removed as the party in-charge of the area. However, a TMC insider spoke to Times Now and has claimed that it was Biswas who triggered the violence in the area.