With Over 32k tweets hashtag #BurningKarnataka is trending all over India

As soon as the congress came to power way back in 2013, communal tensions started simmering in the state of karnataka. Tensions escalated to whole new level with the recent murder of RSS activist sharat madiwala. Congress government has been unable to contain the communal violence which has now reached dangerous levels.

A twitter hashtag #burningkarnataka is trending pan India. Leading the campaign is mentor of Yuva brigade , orator, activist chakravarthy sulibele and other nationalists from karnataka .At the time of writing this article ,there are over 32000 tweets on this .

First thing that the congress did after coming to power was to withdraw criminal cases against a muslim organization PFI and the results of that can be seen now , as the communal violence is going out of control. This protest using hashtag #burningKarnataka is gaining momentum and you can join the campaign if you are concerned about the situation in Karnataka.

Here is the collection of some top tweets