7 things that Modi Govt Needs to do right now in Jammu And Kashmir, suggests Veteran Journalist

The gunning down of seven Amarnath yatris is not only an act of terror but also a severe indictment of the Modi government’s “policy.” The people of India have waited long enough and their patience is coming to an end. The dance of death in the Valley has got to be snuffed out now. Here is a seven-point to-do list for PM Modi if he is serious about wiping out Pak-inspired terrorism in J & K:

1.Withdraw the Most Favoured Nation status conferred on Pakistan within 24 hours;
2.Arrest all leaders of Hurriyat quickly and put them on a quick trial on charges of sedition;
3.Scrap Article 370 because it effectively counters our rightful claim that J & K is an integral part of India. There will be a legal challenge for sure. But that can be neutralized legally;
4.Pull out of the Mufti govt. It is not serving any useful purpose in any case;
Hand over the entire state to the army and give it a free hand with a brief to create a terror-free state asap;

6.Bring back the Pandits to the Valley. Give them back their homes and their dignity;
7.Convert J & K into a Hindu majority state by incentivising people to settle in that state.

know it is not easy to implement this five-point agenda. But then Modi HAS to implement it if Kashmir is not to slip out of our hands.

China has already dropped sufficient hints that it would send it’s army to the Valley if invited by Islamabad. In any case, Pakistan has effectively surrendered its sovereignty by welcoming the CPEC. With the successful completion of this mega project, the Red Army can reach our western border at short notice.

Let us learn a lesson from the Chinese from the way they handled Tibet crisis. Beijing kept international critics at bay and went about bringing about a demographic sea change in the province. No one takes the aging Dalai Lama seriously anymore. Tibet is today firmly a part of China.

We should similarly make J & K a firm part of India. If Modi doesn’t act decisively now the next generation of Indians will have to order new geography text books.