Is Siddaramaiah the Mamata Banerjee Of the South?

The seat sharing row that led to the killing of a Muslim youth on a Mathura bound train assumed an enormous beef angle with shrill cries of painting India as Lynchistan under the saffron rule, but what many of the national news channels and the main stream journos miss out is that deep down in the South there are states like Kerala and Karnataka where the lynch culture is rabidly real!

No, the Indian Ocean does not begin at the end of MadhyaPradesh or Uttar Pradesh, the MSM has to cross various states like AndraPradesh, Telangana, TN, Karnataka and Kerala to soak in the waters of real secularism and get a feel of what really lynchistan could mean!

At least 200 right wingers and have been slain in God’s own country in the recent past and it looks like this gangrenous Jihadi communal lynch culture is fast spreading into Karnataka. With more than 20 killings of RSS and BJP workers under the Siddaramaiah Government that has been blatantly bending on its back in ChristoIslamic appeasement politics it comes as no shocker that the perpetrators of such violent hate filled crimes have a robust political support system backing them in a brazenly anti-Hindu environment that has been laid out by a communal Congress regime in a platter to the Islamic terrorists, by releasing hundreds of notorious PLF (people’s liberation front- a Jihadi outfit masquerading as a political party) goons and terrorists.

Even as the ruthless murders of Raju in Mysore, Kutappa in Kodagu, Prashant Poojary in Moodbidri, Rudresh in Bengaluru and the suicides and resignations of honest and upright police officers and bureaucrats are still fresh in the memories of people, the recent killing of a young worker like Sharath in Bantwal was perhaps the last nail in the congress coffin that has now sent shock waves across Karnataka, rekindling the repulsion of people towards a Congress that is coagulated in unthinkable corruption and communalism so much that it seems to have lost touch with ground realities and refuses to read the writing on the wall!

The delay in announcing the death of Sharath due to political interests and the appalling reaction of Siddaramaiah in the aftermath of the brutality where he carefully chooses not to mince the ‘Muslim’ word even as he ubiquitously warns the Hindus in his every line comes as an openly discriminatory and alienating approach that has antagonized the people of Karnataka. This privilege accordance to one community and denial to another attitude of the Congress has actually brought out their true ideology (if any) out in the open making it amply clear that the erstwhile party has nothing to offer to the masses other than divide and rule and is totally stung by a leadership bankruptcy and bereft of any benign ideas for overall welfare of all people with no idea or perhaps even no will to revive their fallen image and Mani Shankar AIyar’s wailing on Pakistan’s lap and now Raga’s Chinese checkers add up to it. Now that the Congress party has reached its saturation point of political obsoleteness with Karnataka being the only big state under its rule, it raises an even more serious question if the current polity of ripping the social equilibrium in the society along with the state exchequer to the maximum is a desperate attempt to inflict maximum damage before a grand sunset or is it in itself a poll polity to make some quick hay at the cost of playing in to offshore foreign policies.

It is no secret that the Karnataka Congress government has in the past worked meticulously to get terrorists like Madani released and has been unabashedly patronizing the Muslims, Dalit Christians who masquerade as Hindus with their Ahinda manifesto and the various scam filled Bhagyas that is precariously designed to cut out a social divide with absolutely no concern for the tax paying middle class majority and it is this thick skinned aloof polity that is brewing sentiments of #NotMyCM amongst the youth but the recent disruptive and hoodlum behavior of the Congress party workers with their ‘Pro Congress’ sloganeering to silence the dissenting voices even during a democratic protest by ordinary masses who came out to express their anguish against the step motherly treatment being meted out to the Hindu community at large by the Siddaramaiah government, speaks volumes of the very culture of Congress that has always chosen to silence dissenting voices – The Hindus! And this growing lawlessness and alarming insensitivity of Congress’s Karnataka administration has left the common man wondering if Siddaramaiah is the Mamta Banerjee of the South!