Dr Subramanian Swamy Praises Arnab’s Republic TV

On a cloudy Wednesday, Court 33 of the Delhi High Court, located in the Court’s new building on the second floor was jam packed with Delhi policemen and reporters.

All had come to hear the PIL filed by BJP leader Dr. Subramanian Swamy demanding a Court monitored SIT to overlook the probe in the mysterious death of Sunanda Pushkar which took place in January 2014

At exactly 11:13 am the hearing in the case began in a pin drop silent courtroom.

Dr. Swamy began by saying the investigation was botched up as the FIR for the murder was only registered in 2015. No one was arrested, no enquiry was made. He said that a new dispensation of Delhi police has set up a vigilance inquiry to probe lapses in this investigation.

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He added Sunanda Pushkar had called for a press conference and claimed she will be exposing a serious corruption case. Additionally, CCTVs of the floor were not working on that day.
The Court asks what is the Public interest in this for a Court interference?

Dr. Swamy said there is public interest in exposing the corruption. He added the person concerned was a Union minister and there are allegations of interference. The High Court asked Dr. Swamy to serve copies of the PIL to all the respondents which included the Delhi Police and the CBI.

It’s a very positive sign for Swamy that court has given the next date of 20 July for the hearing. It will be a crucial day as the Delhi Police, will for the first time in a Court of Law have to answer in the Sunanda Pushkar case why has there been a delay in filing a charge sheet.
The Delhi Police will now have to look through the PIL filed by Dr. Swamy which raises questions on the probe.

Wednesday’s hearing and arguments lead to one conclusion: the culprits in Pushkar case are going to be investigated thoroughly.