Finally, Jinnah is booted out from “Democracy” bus

The social media was abuzz with a photo of the bus in Bangalore,that had democracy written on it and the picture of Jinnah. Ironically Jinnah always favored Islamic country in contrary to free and democratic country.

As this pic went viral , some nationalists were able to track it down and spoke to the owner of the bus. Finally the photo of Jinnah was removed from the bus and the poor driver wasn’t even aware of who that Jinnah was. However It was done by Radicalised malayali director. Here is what was posted on the wall of Neeraj Kamath.

The Bus “Democracy” Is Free From Jinna
The Owner Has Apologised & Removed The Photo & Confirmed By Sending This Photo.
He Dint Even Know What They Had Done With The Bus & Who Jinna Was.
The Bus Was Hired By A Malayalam Movie Crew For Shooting.
I Spoke To The Director Of The Movie Who Is In Namma Bengaluru .
© I Politely Asked Him Why Jinna ???
He Said Its A Creative Work & Can Use Anybody’s Photo.
He Asked Me Who Are You To Ask..?
© I Again Politely Replied That I Am An *Indian NATIONALIST*
To Which He Started Abusing Me & Said.
“Country Is Getting Infected By Bloody Nationalists Like You Keep The Phone & Fuck Off”
“You Nationalist’s Poke Your Nose Into Everything & Abused As Asshole”
© When I Again Politely Said Its My Country So Am I Asking You.
“He Says What Country Man… ??? Fuck Off”
This Is The Filthy Attitude Of This Disturbed *Anti National* Director. Such Movie Director Are Dangerous For Society Who Will Portray Wrong Things With Soft Disclaimer & Misguide Public At Large.
Thanks To Brother Veeresh Smart For Swift Action & Taking Bus Pics In The Morning.
I Also Understand Police Has Taken Quick Action Wrt Removing Jinna’s Photo From Bus & Also Spoken To The Director (Not Sure What)
All NATIONALIST Must Get United Like Today And Fight Such Anti Nationals. Only Then We Will Be Able To Protect Our Country.
#NationFirst #JaiHind #VandeMataram