She once called Yogi a hindu militant, now busy spinning the maid rioting issue against the residents

Another Muslim “victim”,another opportunity for #NatiInMyName vultures, yes ,after Junaid case fell flat , now the anti modi ,anti Hindu brigade of #NotInMyName has found new target and that is Zohra, a Muslim maid . Similar kind of outrage by these vultures was missing when Dr Narang was lynched or for the hundreds of Hindus slaughtered by CPIM in Kerala.

Earlier rightactions had exposed the breaking india forces behind the #NotInMyName protests and today the same gang has found a new issue in Noida apartment rioting case. The owner of the flat in question has categorically said that the maid was caught stealing 17k , for which as per the owner has cctv evidence, and when the maid was questioned about it, she ran away, what all happened later is very much in the news already. Fringe left website scroll has made it look like class struggle.

The media person who is spinning the whole story is one Nilanjana Bhowmick, she has been constantly reporting fake news , mostly from the muslim maid side, apparently with no credible reference to the story of the owner. Earlier she reported maid was locked in car boot, but later maid said she was locked up in a room (which is also a lie as per residents),then Nilanjana Bhowmick made a quick U turn.

The same Nilanjana Bhowmick is seen trolling Modi supporters

Spreading anti govt rhetoric in a china website

Here she( author of this article is Nialanjana) is calling yogi a militant that too on an international platform

Actual version of the story by residents,where the muslim maid was perfectly fine and started doing drama later