Karnatka in a state of emergency !! Horrific days of 80’s are back

Yes, Karnataka is in a “state” of emergency!!.., Deputy Inspector General of Prisions (DIG) Roopa has been transferred in the aftermath of the jail scam expose! Ms.Roopa in her report had alleged corruption in the prison entailing crores of rupees under the DGP Satyanarayana Rao whom she has accused of having taken 2 crores in bribe to facilitate VIP treatment to AIADMK secretary Sasikala in the jail premises!

This brazen move by the Congress government is yet another piercing reminder to the common man of Karnataka that there is no room for honesty or uprightness in the lawless state of Karnataka that is sunken in debauchery of disillusioned politicians who don’t seem to be content with the current misrule! Be it the mysterious suicide/murder case of IAS officer DK Ravi or the Dy.SP.Ganapathy’s suicide/murder case who has not yet got justice even after his open naming of the culprit in his final video, be it DSP Anupama Shenoy’s forced resignation or the numerous murders of right wing workers in the last 4years and now the transfer of an honest lady officer who dared to speak the truth in a hostile and corrupt bureaucratic eco system even when she fully knew the adverse course of actions that would await her, Siddaramaiah’s Government has consistently let down honest officers and whistle blowers and has made it loud and clear that Truth shall not be told and those who dare to speak the truth shall be shunned and shunted out of the system!

This growing apathetic state of affairs in Karnataka reminds one of the Goondaism that prevailed in the 80s when rowdy sheeters and henchmen of politicians had begun to usurp political power! The situation today seems no different with the current rate of aloofness of an unabashed government that bluntly sides and shields the corrupt with absolutely no moral obligation whatsoever towards governance of the state. The sand and real estate mafia that has upgraded itself into successive political reigns in Karnataka have organically brewed and elevated a rotten bureaucratic system that today remorselessly alienates its own upright officers.

The Karnataka Government has today shifted some 30 jail inmates, who have alleged to have leaked the information to DIG Roopa, to other prison locations and has transferred both the whistle blowing police officer Roopa and the accused police officer Sathyanarayana Rao, which is a subtle attempt to bury the matter under the cover of an elastic probe. If this is the plight of a senior police officer to bring out the truth, there is little hope for the common man! The law and order in the current political scenario instills more fear than hope as the strict course of action in the contemporary world seems applicable only for the ordinary masses while the rich and the powerful getaway or even change the very course of law, making the whole punitive exercise of jailing an unnecessary burden on tax payers. If only the criminals could be made to clean public spaces before retiring to their cells in the night, even the public who bear their reformation costs could witness these criminals reform in real. There would have been more value to the money spent on them if they were made to contribute for the upkeep of the society thereby realizing the meaning of hard work! But alas! we are mired in the multilayers of excessive English rules and Human Rights thrown at all and sundry where reminding one of their ‘duties’ may amount to curtailing of FOE!

Today the venality in the administrative authorities has made its intent evident that to restore back law and order, it will choose to sabotage and shoot the moral soldiers under the swords of never ending inconclusive probes and that even the most objective cleansing reformation in the system will be met with ire by ganging up like hyenas against any affirmative change by isolating the good and concocting it with deferment, digression, drama or death.

But these are times when the immoral that have left behind their conscience have no moral obligation to be giving us answers but it is our social obligation not to stop asking. Why don’t we ever dare to ask? Why don’t we ever care when things are not right enough? Why don’t we stand up for justice? Why don’t we ever ask why the gas delivery boy needs that extra ten bucks? Why don’t we demand that one rupee change that is rightfully yours? Why don’t we speak up when we witness corruption or injustice in our everyday lives? Why do we choose neutrality in times of a moral crisis? Perhaps we are too scared! Perhaps it does not concern you! Perhaps it is unbecoming of your elite educated self to ask or intervene but remember when we know not when to speak up, we are raising a breed of highly qualified educated idiots who will one day be required to shut up and be subservient to a corrupt immoral lot who will rule and enslave you!

Today DIG Roopa has been transferred not because she dared to speak but because there are other lesser men and women who did not dare to speak the truth and stand by her!