Comedy of errors in just 5 minutes of Rahul Gandhi speech today

BENGALURU: Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday inaugurated the Karnataka government’s Indira Canteen program here. Promising hygienic meals at affordable rates, the Congress vice president made a short and funny speech congratulating the state government but had several faux pas moments – the most noticeable was calling the ‘Indira Canteen’ as the ‘Amma Canteen’.

In what was his second visit to the state in under a week, – named after his grandmother and India’s first and only woman Prime Minister. But the 47-year-old floundered when – in a part of his speech – termed the program as Amma Canteen. “Every citizen of Karnataka, under the Siddaramaiah government should feel he won’t go hungry. That is the vision of the Amma…Indira Canteen.” he said.

In his 5 minute speech launching the #IndiraCanteen Rahul called it as Amma Canteen and said they will have it in EVERY CITY of Bangalore đŸ˜‚

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