Journalist Gauri Lankesh’s Killers Identified

The killers of Bengaluru journalist Gauri Lankesh have been identified but evidence is still being collected to prove their guilt, the government of Karnataka said today.

Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy told NDTV “We know who it is” but declined to elaborate, explaining that disclosing more information could jeopardize the case.

Ms Lankesh, 55, was shot dead as she entered her house in the IT hub of Bengaluru on September 5. A man wearing a helmet to conceal his face was recorded on security cameras as he shot her in the chest.

The Special Investigation Team working on cracking the case would neither confirm nor deny the home minister’s claim. He had said on the day of Ms Lankesh’s funeral that the killers would be caught soon.

Protests had erupted across the country condemning the murder of Gauri Lankesh. (File)
Karnataka is run by the Congress, which has been criticised for failing to make any progress in determining who killed Ms Lankesh, a fierce advocate of secularism and a vocal and persistent critic of right-wing ideology.

Different government officials have suggested that her murder appears to share links with that of rationalist MM Kalburgi who was shot dead at his home in the Dharwad region of the state in 2015. Suspects have yet to be identified for that killing.

Sources handling the investigation into Ms Lankesh’s killing said that the bullets used to kill Mr Kalburgi were sent “possibly to Scotland Yard” to identify their provenance but have not yet been returned. The details of the bullets are important to see if there is any connection between the two killings.

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