BIG EXPOSE:Another media hit job busted; SIT busts fake news on Gauri killers

Bengaluru Police has released sketches of two main suspects behind the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh.

Lankesh was shot dead outside her Bengaluru residence on September 5. Gauri Lankesh was the editor of weekly Kannada tabloid magazine Lankesh Patrike, columnist in newspapers, a panelist on TV channels besides being an activist.

According to DK Police, IG Police, two main suspects have been identified. “The sketches have been developed with inputs from some witnesses and our technical inputs. The accused were staying in Bengaluru for 7 days.”

However, the IG claimed that these suspects have no connection with the Narendra Dabholkar murder.
“The suspects, aged 25 and 35 years, had carried out a recee outside Lankesh’s house multiple times. We have interrogated over 200 people so far and analysed 73 TB of CCTV footage,” said Singh.

He also dismissed media reports that killers are related to sanathan sanstha.

That info (Sanathan Sanstha) is only in the media, from our side there is no info of any org till now: BK Singh,Police SIT #GauriLankesh

As you can see there was a hit job by indianexpress

The police have ruled out any professional angle, allegedly based on the way the gun was handled.
“There is no confirmation that the weapons used in the Gauri Lankesh murder case and the MM Kalburgi murder are the same. We also have a video of the recee done by the suspects, which we will release shortly,” SIT chief BK Singh said.

“There are two suspects, sketches similar because they are made by two artists based on different eyewitness accounts. We want cooperation from people hence, we are releasing the sketches of the suspects,” he added.

Singh said that the police can’t ascertain the religion of the suspects by external appearances like tilak or earrings “as it could be done to mislead”

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