2682 Madrassas to be disqualified by YOGI

Uttar Pradesh government might soon cancel the accreditation of as many as 2,682 madrassas for failing to submit their details on the Madrassa Portal, despite several reminders.

The state government launched a portal of UP Madrassa Board in August for online registration of all Islamic institutions in a bid to check “irregularities in madrassas”.

All the madrasas were expected to give details of teachers and other employees with their building and class measurements as well as photographs. There are about 16,000 madrasas in the state, of which 560 are fully-aided.

But even after two deadline extensions, over 2,682 madrassas in the state haven’t yet furnished their details on the web page.

According to sources, the Yogi government will now crack the whip on the madrassas that failed to adhere to the deadlines.

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