Airtel steps up offensive against Hindus; Loses thousands of customers

Deepavali/Diwali  is a special occasion for millions of Hindus who celebrate it with a huge pomp and show. It is a festival of lights. Burning of crackers has been part of the festivities from a very long time. The recent ban on sale of crackers in the Delhi area has caused much uproar and reasons are plenty

The Delhi’s air is literally bad all around the year. During the Autumn, crops are burnt in the farms and the crop ash ends up falling inside Delhi. This makes Delhi a gas chamber.


  1. ROAD DUST: 50% [Solution : Grass the footpaths ]
  2. INDUSTRIES: 23% [Solution : Regulate the Industries ]
  3. LOCAL DUST GENERATION: 20% [Solution : Plant more trees ]
  4. VEHICULAR: 7% [Solution : Improve Public Transport ]

Outright banning  of firecrackers in Diwali might be an experiment, but it’s not a solution. Instead of going behind small offenders , the ideal solution would be to list down the top offenders and go after the high offenders.

Amid all this confusion and debate, the corporates have started a campaign against crackers during diwali. Leading the cmapaign is the airtel.

This is so hypocritical because airtel and others are the biggest air polluters. as per the reports in economictimes ,Airtel and vodafone were at the top of list of operators whose mobile towers were found violating radiation norms in an audit conducted by the telecom department

Many customers ‘re upset by this hypocrisy and selective target of Hindu festivals. They expressed their displeasure by opting out of airtel.


even after losing so many customers, airtel has refused to back off from their bigotry but have stepped up the offensive

The offending tweet has been now pinned by the airtel team and they are wearing it as badge of honour.

This has further provoked the Hindus but airtel has only grown its arrogance. Panasonic,tata power and others have deleted their tweets insulting Hindus but airtel has wore it as badge of honour



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