We want chappal ki sarkar, kurta-pajama ki sarkar: Rahul Gandhi[hilarious video]

Clothes might not make the man but they apparently make the politician. Rahul Gandhi seems to have decided that the way to the revival of the Congress is through its wardrobe.

Rahul told villagers in Amethi “We want your sarkar. Shirt ki sarkar, chappal ki sarkar, kurta-pajama ki sarkar. And we will show it to you.”

Of course what he does not say is that the UPA government had ten years to show that to them. One thing they did prove conclusively was you can wear your kurta pajama and scam with the best of them. If a safed kurta pajama could be the guarantor of safed politics then India’s corruption problems would have been behind us decades ago. Instead what we have is the image of the corrupt politician hiding behind the piety of his Gandhi topi. And it’s rather condescending to think the villagers of Amethi do not understand that.

What Rahul is trying to do is position the Congress as the party that is pro-poor, which has always been the Congress’ professed mantra, whether they have lived up to it or not. That means, he needs to paint the BJP as the party in the pocket of industrialists. Clothes, he hopes, can become a handy metaphor for different ideologies.




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