Demonetization:Rahul Gandhi poster boy hails PM Modi, huge embarrassment for congress

Nand Lal, a former Army man, had become the face of demonetisation last year when an image showed him in tears with folded hands while he stood in a long queue to withdraw his money. On Wednesday, on the first anniversary of note bandi, the Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party sparred over Lal. While the Congress shared the iconic photo that had gone viral last year, the BJP shared how the man supports demonetisation.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday shared the 2016 picture of Nand Lal with the quote, “एक आँसू भी हुकूमत के लिए ख़तरा है तुमने देखा नहीं आँखों का समुंदर होना (A teardrop is a sign of danger for the ruling government, you haven’t seen a sea of tears).”

The BJP, however, attacked Gandhi saying he was spreading lies as Nand Lal supports demonetisation. A year after demonetisation, Nand Lal says he has no problems with demonetisation. “Somebody had stepped on my feet while standing in the queue, which is why I cried. I support demonetisation and every decision taken by our government,” he said while speaking to the media on Wednesday.


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