Dimwits of Aisi Taisi Democracy says internet belongs to christians gets schooled by twitterati

Team Aisi Taisi Democracy, consisting of musician Rahul Ram, lyricist and writer Varun Grover and satirist Sanjay Rajoura became butt of the jokes when they tried to troll Hindu right

Breaking News for Hindu right: Twitter, Facebook, Google, and your karm-bhumi Whatsapp, all owned by Christians, and every time you use any of these, your money goes to Vatican.

Act now – QUIT INTERNET. 😂😂 Wrote Team Aisi Taisi Democracy( a twitter handle belonging to the group).


This unprovoked,illogical attack on Hindu right went viral among the left,little did they know that all the companies they mentioned belonged to JEWS.

Facebook is owned by a Jew – Mark Zuckerberg Google is owned by Jew – Brin WhatsApp owned by Jew – Koum Not just these some of the other famous portals like YouTube, Instagram, Yahoo, Myspace, Wikipedia also founded by Jews. Sarcasm is cool and all but have you tried education? Squint neon quoted Saying


Most of the so called comics find Hindu right as easy and soft target and in a hurry to abuse/troll them , they omit the facts and reduce themselves to nothing but bunch of fools.



Time and again these comics have been exposed for their ignorance, political bias by many portals like this one  .