YuvaBrigadiers rejuvenate water bodies across state; Results are impressive

Yuva Brigade under the guidance of Chakravarthy Sulibele are doing wonders in the state of Karnataka. The team of volunteers have so far rejuvenated hundreds of water bodies, like taal(kalyani) , temple tanks etc.

These water bodies were non-functional due to urbanisation, illegal construction and dumping of waste and other materials, Yuva brigade volunteers identify such water tanks and clean up the tank. Water tanks(Kalyani) are natural water storage methods which rely on water table

When the waste and other materials settle, it makes it difficult for the water to ooze out , when such layer is cleaned , water starts coming. The task of cleaning such kalyani are not simple, it takes lot of effort.

One may ask what are the benefits of such a water body? well, it provides ecosystem services  such as  fresh water which can be used for a variety of purposes. It also helps in flood and disease control; provides cultural services such as spiritual, recreational, and other benefits;

Yuva Brigade volunteers worked for more than 250 days on a Kalyani in Gadag which was previously non functional , Now the step tank  is filled with spring water!




The effort has been appreciated from PM Modi himself on his man ki baat program. But national media and MSM have failed to cover this noble work




The work has been covered in some local media ,however there is a general feeling among people of karnataka that this noble work needs greater appreciation so that it gets greater reach and more youth would join this selfless campaign. undeterred by all this, Team of yuva brigadiers under the guidance of Chkravarthy Sulibele is on a mission to clean more and more water tanks.