Why is everyone criticizing modi despite his hard work

So here is the question, Why is everyone criticizing modi despite his hard work?

Until 2014, Indians never had this much expectation from any leader. In the past, we were content if the leader didn’t screw up anything big. We had patience – even decades after the ruler started his rule, we didn’t ask many questions. Now, we are impatient – we want immediate results.

The bar is set so high that even a single death among 1,300,000,000 people from a passenger altercation on a crowded train can become a national issue. In the past administrations when major riots happened [scroll through the list: List of riots in India] we took those for granted. Now, our expectations are sky high.

We gladly spent decades under Nehru and Indira when the growth rate was barely 2–3% [at a time when the world was growing over 5%]. At a time when world is barely growing and even China is finding hard, we want the GDP to grow constantly over 7%. We want the cities to be really clean, the jobs created in large numbers against a massive tech shift & global slowdown etc all in a couple of years. In a way, it shows how much we care about change than anytime in the past.


The inflation is at a record low, economic growth is great, the fiscal deficit has been quite contained, hard reforms like GST and diesel regulation had passed, auctioning has become transparent, record creation of new roads and electricity infrastructure, railway budgets have become non-political, no major riots in 3 years, no corruption scandals, new gains on foreign affairs including enclave exchange with Bangladesh that waited for 5 decades, major move towards digital economy…

However, yeh dil mange more. We never had a leader before with whom we expected everything broken for centuries to be fixed in a mere 3 years. But, we do now and this increasing bar is a good thing. We don’t take the politics for granted and keep them on an edge.

As an example to the higher bars, think of our attitude towards Rahul Gandhi. 4 years ago, we didn’t bother much on the idea that he is next in line to become the PM. Now, many of us cannot even think of the idea. Same for Lalu, Mamata or many other leaders. Many people talk about TINA – There is No Alternative – only now because of the high bar set. 4 years ago we had the same leaders and no body talked about the issue of poor alternatives.



source : Quora