Congress sympathizer Prakash Raj twists Union minister’s comment to attack BJP

A statement by Union Minister Anantkumar Hegde, who equated his mindless critics to “barking dogs” at an event organised by his Skill Development Ministry at Ballari in Karnataka, has been construed as an attack on Dalit groups which had staged a protest against him at Ballari over a remark he had made last year about changing the Constitution.

Hedge, who faced black flag protests from Dalit groups on Saturday when he arrived to attend a job fair and skill exhibition, said in his speech: “We have our commitment to the nation and we will not be swayed by barking dogs.”(not referring to protesters or the dalts)

Actor Prakash Raj a known congress supporter , with intention to malign BJP construed the comment as a reference to Dalits who protested against Hedge. He tweeted: “Serial offender…minister Ananthkumar Hegde at it again….he calls Dalits DOGs for protesting against his controversial Constitution remark…’’

The minister denied the charge on Twitter, calling the actor’s remark “glaring propaganda by the ugly distorted minds, who refuse to grow’’.



Here is the speech which Prakash Raj referred to as and nowhere did Ananth Hegde called DALITS and DOGS.