Another journalist comes out in support of Harnidh Kaur(of Shekhar’s print) who called for assassination of PM Modi

Harnidh kaur a journalist with ThePrint , a online portal run by shekhar gupta has called for the assassination of PM Modi.She asked someone to kill Modi same way as how Gandhi was killed.

This open call for the murder of PM modi sent shockwaves across the right intellegentia , and as usual ,left remained silent. What was shocking is an another journalist who says she is independent writer and writes for The Telegraph, also supported this call for murder.

When all this happening , there was a complete silence from the the usual suspectsa, The lead journalist Rajdeep maintained a total silence. ThePrint just said that her “views” are not ours, but call for murder is not a view, a threat.








If this had happened in any other country,there would be immediate arrest and investigations. But in a great country of ours, there are , unfortunately people who support assassination of a PM just because PM doesn’t subscribe to  the same political ideology they follow.