Prakash Raj rakes up his christianity connection to target PM Modi

Prakash Raj is leaving no stone unturned to target PM Modi these days. While he was being criticised for getting funds to  his NGO from a rowdy who is jail for murderous assault,Prakash Raj choses to target Modi over an election speech

Modi had said that his government has rescued  nurses from ISIS captivity, “It was the BJP government which rescued nurses from Iraq and brought them safe to Kerala. Most of them  were Christians,” he had said at a rally in Meghalaya.

Using his #justasking tag Prakash Raj tweeted  “Dear sir, your statement in a an election rally in Meghalaya says u saved Christians .. but when I speak up I’m abused by your party men as an anti national because my mother is a Christian . Did you save them because they were INDIANS or because they were Christians   ”


There were two important developments while he tweeted this 1) A tribal youth was lynched  in Kerala 2) Son of MLA Harris Bail plea comes up for hearing amid all efforts by the MLA to secure bail using his powers, however Prakash Raj chose to attack Modi over an election speech.

PM Modi was trying to make a point to counter Rahul gandhi who was referring to the Rs 70-crore project announced by Union Tourism Minister KJ Alphons for the beautification of churches and religious institutions of Meghalaya under the larger Swadesh Darshan Scheme.


Prakash raj took one comment of PM modi out of context, connected it with his christian upbringing and attacked Modi and his supporters. This is the kind of witch hunt and propaganda Prakash Raj is running against BJP and Modi