RESPECT : LEGEND Rahul Dravid gets his salary cut by 50% distributes it to support staff

Rahul Dravid’s sense of fairplay has brought some extra money to the support staff of India’s World Cup-winning under-19 team, and to the family of a trainer who passed away while on duty with the team last year.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has accepted the head coach’s demand for parity in the cash rewards announced after the U-19 team’s triumph earlier this month. The Indian Express had reported on February 7 that Dravid had expressed reservations about accepting Rs 50 lakh when members of the support staff had got Rs 20 lakh each, and the players Rs 30 lakh each. He had asked for the removal of discrimination in the rewards offered to members of the coaching staff.

According to a revised list of cash awards, every member of the coaching staff, including Dravid, will receive Rs 25 lakh, it is learnt. The BCCI has also extended the list of beneficiaries by including members of the support staff who were part of the team’s almost year-long preparation leading up to the World Cup. This decision qualifies the family of team trainer Rajesh Savant, who died last year, to receive the victory incentive.

“From the time the award was announced, Dravid wasn’t happy with him getting much more than others. He informed the Board that he felt that every member had played an equal role in the team winning the World Cup. It surprised many in the BCCI that he was ready to take a cut in his own earning,” a Board member said on condition of anonymity.