A big setback for Siddu as Rahul rejects Siddu’s RS proposals, shows he is the boss

As per the reports in local media group , Rahul Gandhi seems to have rejected  the list of candidates for RS as proposed by CM Siddaramaiah.

Initially, Rahul Gandhi wanted his men Sam Pitroda and Janardhan Dwivedi as RS candidates from Rajya sabha, however Siddu has categorically said that he wanted to send only “kannadiga” candidates for the RS.

Siddaramaiah wanted his close aide channa reddy  to be made the RS member however Rahul Gandhi has rejected his proposal and has shown that he is the boss.

Congress supporters  in karnataka were pointing out that siddu is the boss however this latest report has punchered this claim and has demonstrated the absolute interference of the high command.

Rahul gandhi selected syed,hanumanthaiha and chandrashekhar as candidates as per recommendations from senior congress leaders like kharge muniyappa and parameshwar.

This can be seen as a setback for siddu. Message is clear from the high command that he is not the BOSS.


source : http://kannada.asianetnews.com/news/selected-part-of-india-gate-column-3