Scroll carries fake news of Dalit killed for keeping horse;Police claim no caste angle

There was a news report from Gujarat of a Dalit man killed for keeping horse has turned out to be a FAKE NEWS . Almost all the major news media outlets had carried this news.

You can scroll down this twitter widget to see who all carried this FAKE news. This is clearly an attempt to create enmity between Dalits and Rajputs. Recently Karnataka COngress Police arrested Mahesh Hegde for tweeting an unverified news on similar grounds. Mahesh Hegde is still in custody as we speak




The Gujarat Police on Saturday claimed that the Dalit youth who was killed in Bhavnagar district late Thursday allegedly for keeping a horse used to harass local girls and the villagers were angry with his activities.

District Superintendent of Police Pravin Mal told reporters that initial investigations had revealed that 21-year-old Pradeep Rathod might not have been killed because he was a Dalit and the higher castes had objections over his using and keeping a horse.


Scroll and other media news site which are pro congress and Alt-left , are ususally quick to acknowlewdge and edit in case of FAKE news, but in this case of pitching Dalits against Rajputs, neither scroll nor any other media has eidted/deleted the story. This after the investigating officer confirmed that the murder was not for keeping horse but for other eve teasing case which has no caste angle.


We have archived this fake news from scroll