TheWire lights the FIRE ,by just using a sticker of Lord Hanuman, brands Hindus as militants, a known anti Hindu propaganda blog site, founded by Varadharajan ,a known congress sympathizer has taken Hinduphobia to a totally new level.

The issue is the sticker of Lord Hanuman, Yes The wire thinks using a sticker of Lord Hanuman in rallies is a symbol of militant Hinduism

The author of the article titled “Militant Hinduism and the Reincarnation of Hanuman” goes by the name Nilanjana Bhowmick

Main issue of THE WIRE is this sticker of Hanuman found on some random vehicles on the street

“Hanuman 2.0 is not benign. The smile on his face has been replaced with strong frown lines. He radiates mean energy against a black and saffron background.” reads the article.

Starts from the sticker,author goes on to went out unrelated unconnected stories on how RSSS is organizing shakha etc, while she gives no reference or events to say how this has led to violence? author goes by her extreme hindu hate and bias branding hindus as militants while giving no proof on that regard.

author has nothing to show that because of sticker there was a violence etc , author goes by her wild imaginations branding hindus as terrorists.

Lord Hanuman represents , fitness , loyalty, hard work which the sticker depicts, it is not about violence.