SHOCKING:Top Journalist defends why no outrage for rape of class 5 hindu girl by muslims; gets brutal replies

Those who ask why no outrage when a class five girl was raped in Assam, simple question: did any Muslim group there defend the rapists like the Hindu Ekta manch has in Kathua? Did any ministers join any protest?Did any protestor wave tricolour to defend rapist? So cut the crap.wrote Mr Rajdeep sardesai on his twitter

In a bid to defend why he and his group did not highlight/outrage the rape and murder of class 5 hindu girl in Assam, he defended it saying no group supported it.

When bus cleaner Sheikh Munna raped a 3 yr old inside a bus in Kolkata,when 76 yr old Abdul Wahab raped&impregnated a 13 yr old who is 8 months pregnant now,there were many radical Mullahs&Maulanas who protested on behalf of rapists,holding green flags!Were you blind then? #Shame  came the reply .




People also asked Sardesai and clan to stop giving religion/caste angle to evry crime